The First Edition of 2023“UPC Foreign Language Corner”Met with Success

Publish Time:2023-03-27 Author:An Changguang, Gao Di Photographer: Translators: Lu Xiaojun, Wang Meng, Li Yingying, Li Jiaqi Tutor: Li Xiaoli Proofreader: Yang Jie Views:10

   The inaugural edition of the “UPC Foreign Language Corner” for 2023 proved to be a resounding success, drawing over 500 students and teachers from diverse fields of study. The event, which was held on the evening of March 24th at both the U-shaped outdoor square and Room 346 of Arts and Sciences Building, centered around the theme of “Why does digital literacy matter so much now” and “Русский язык, привет!” The hosts and hostesses for the evening were Wei Aokang from Class 2002 of English major, Bian Jingchao, a graduate student from English interpretation major, and Wang Zirong from Class 2001 of Russian major. The event also saw the participation of several teachers from the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Russian Language and Literature, as well as English foreign teachers Steven and Neville and Russian foreign teacher Yuri, who served as tutors. The activity was organized by the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Russian Language and Literature, the Youth League Committee, and the Office of SFS, with Class 2002 of English major and Class 2001 of Russian major taking on the mantle of undertaking the event.




Host and Hostess of English Corner




Full View of English Corner


The English Corner persisted as a collaborative effort between educators and students who aimed at promoting in-depth discussions on various themes. During the sessions, students self-organized into distinct groups, guided by their teachers, to deliberate on the advantages and drawbacks of the digital era. Both teachers and students shared diverse viewpoints, and students proposed applicable solutions based on their own experiences. The grand finale of the English Corner featured a fierce competition between five contestants from different majors at UPC. Liu Wenjing, an Architecture major from the College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering, emerged as the victor of the championship.

 As the event drew to a close, the attending students demonstrated their honed skills in spoken English, having engaged in lively discussions and mutual learning. Moreover, they gained a newfound understanding of the contemporary demands placed upon university students in the digital era. Such demands require students to possess not only specialized knowledge but also a broad understanding of various topics, as well as the ability to tackle complex problems and cultivate a lifelong learning habit. By meeting these requirements, students can aspire to become versatile talents ready to navigate the ever-changing landscape of our society.






Teacher-Student Group Discussion at English Corner

Liu Wenjing, hailed as the champion of the English corner, expressed her fondness for the English atmosphere, stating that it encourages her to converse in the language without fear of making mistakes. Furthermore, she added that the supportive community doesn't belittle anyone’s efforts, but rather applauds their courage in trying. Despite the chilly weather, Liu expressed enthusiasm for the knowledge she acquired that evening and extended an invitation for others to join in and partake in the experience.

Li Xiaoxue, an English major from Class of 2002, shared her experience with the UPC Foreign Language Corner, stating that she has attended the event multiple times, always leaving with a newfound sense of knowledge and perspective. Xiaoxue expressed her appreciation for the diverse range of opinions shared by students from various disciplines, emphasizing the invaluable insights gained from such interactions.


Photo of the First Russian Corner


In the bustling and convivial setting of the Russian Corner, students eagerly engaged in lively discussions on a variety of topics ranging from dining and shopping to tourism and the ever-expanding world of the Internet. The air was abuzz with the sound of animated conversation as participants actively communicated with one another in fluent Russian. As the event drew to a close, one standout student, Sui Xinyue from the esteemed Russian major Class 2201, emerged victorious, clinching the championship with an exceptional performance.


Students Communicating with Foreign Teacher



Teacher Communicating with Foreign Teacher



The Champion of the First Russian Corner

The recent installment of the First Russian Corner has illuminated a fundamental truth for language learners - vocabulary acquisition is the cornerstone of foreign language mastery. However, the students also noted that the process of learning Russian should be more diverse, utilizing immersive methods such as cartoons and situational simulations to make the experience both intuitive and engaging. This event proved to be a valuable opportunity for students to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of both Russia and China, as well as the diversity of global languages and cultures. By broadening their linguistic horizons, these students are better equipped to share the stories and traditions of their own Chinese culture with the world.


The Contestants and Teachers

The UPC Foreign Language Corner, a joint initiative by the School of Foreign Studies and relevant functional departments and student associations, has adopted the motto of “Practice Together, Progress Together”. Through this initiative, students and teachers are encouraged to participate in a vibrant exchange of ideas, creating a lively atmosphere for language practice and skill development. The UPC Foreign Language Corner is a key step towards the construction of a foreign language culture on campus, and it promises to cultivate national pride and global perspectives among the students.