School of Foreign Studies Hosts the First Dean and Secretary Reception Day of 2023

Publish Time:2023-03-10 Author:Author: Liu Shuyan Translators: Du Senwei, Wang Zhijie, Li Lei, Jiang Chongyu Views:20

On the afternoon of March 8, 2023, the first “Reception Day of the Dean and Secretary” of the School of Foreign Studies was held as scheduled. The dean, Mao Haoran, the secretary of the school’s Party Committee, Zhu Huiping, the vice dean, Sun Daman, and the secretary of the school’s Youth League Committee, Xiang Xinyu, attended the event and had a friendly face-to-face exchange with undergraduate and graduate representatives.

In response to the students’ concern over the current social hot topics, such as the desire for increased internship and practical opportunities, and systematic training for thesis writing and career planning, Dean Mao and Secretary Zhu provided detailed and careful answers one by one. Graduate students also reported on the plans for their upcoming book sharing activities to the attending teachers. Drawing from their personal reading and life experiences, Dean Mao and Secretary Zhu provided students with recommendations on a range of books, inspiring them to read extensively and hone their skills, while cultivating a deep-seated love for the country. Further emphasizing the importance of serving the nation, they encouraged students to align their academic pursuits with the needs of the country, using their knowledge to make meaningful contributions to their community and country.

Participating students said that communication brings them and school leaders and teachers closer together, and that they benefit a lot from the wise guidance, which further sets the direction for their life and study in the coming days.

The monthly event is designed to set up a platform for the school, teachers and students to engage in communication and exchange, in a bid to keep the flow of feedback unclogged between the two sides and make our teaching, scientific research, administrative management, among other works, more efficient. By meeting face to face with teachers and students, we can figure out their concerns, listen to their voices, and answer their questions, thus upgrading the service and management of the school. The Reception Day is scheduled to be held in the academic lecture hall of the School at 4 pm on the second Wednesday of every month. In order to improve the efficiency, students and teachers need to make reservations to have their questions and concerns collected in advance, and the school leaders will get preparation for questions and concern.