Teachers of College of Arts Attended 5th Forum on Innovative Foreign Language

Publish Time:2019-05-18 Author: Views:20

The 5th Forum on Innovative Foreign Language Education in China was successfully held by National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education, BFSU and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in Beijing, from May 11 to 12, 2019. Teachers of the Second College English Department of College of Arts attended the meeting and presented paper abstracts.

Experts from home and aboard were invited, such as Diane Larsen-Freeman. Participating teachers were encouraged to exchange their ideas on POA’s (Production-oriented Approach) theoretical system, teaching practice, research paradigm and other aspects. POA was initiated and built by Professor Wen Qiufang and her team, for the purpose of improving foreign language teaching quality in China’s universities; it is a foreign language teaching theory with Chinese characteristics. Over a decade, the theory has exerted an extensive influence on foreign language teaching both at home and abroad. Thanks to the unremitting efforts made by the team, POA has yielded the newest developmental outcomes in theory structuring, teaching practice and some other related researches.

The forum began with an overall introduction of POA theoretical system, teaching practice, and research paradigm by Professor Wen’s team. Then domestic and foreign experts conducted discussion and analysis on POA. In the end, participating teachers exchanges their opinions of POA in sub-forum.

Since 2017, the Forum on Innovative Foreign Language Education in China has been held annually both at home and abroad. Foreign language education experts from home and abroad had a thorough discussion on the construction of POA theory as well as its application in the teaching of English and International Chinese, which played a significant role in China’s foreign language teaching reform as well as its theoretical innovation.