Faculty and Students Watch and Listen to the Opening Ceremony of the Party’s 20th National Congress

Publish Time:2022-10-17 Author:Author: Liu Shuyan, Yang Siting, Zhai Yichun Photographer: Liu Shuyan Translators: Lu Xiaojun, Wang Meng, Li Yingying, Li Jiaqi Tutor: Zhang Qi Proofreader: Yang Jie Views:10

The opening ceremony of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which attracted worldwide attention, was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing at 10 a.m. on October 16, with General Secretary Xi Jinping delivering a report on behalf of the 19th Central Committee. Faculty and students of the School of Foreign Studies (SFS) watched and listened to the opening ceremony via TV, internet and mobile phones collectively or individually under the organization of the SFS and shared ideas on Xi’s report.

The Theory-study Center Group of the Party Committee of SFS held an enlarged meeting and watched opening meeting collectively. Zhu Huiping, Secretary of the Party Committee of SFS, said that the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which was foresighted, profound, rich, and inspiring, comprehensively summarized the work of the past five years and the great changes of the past decade in the new era, and scientifically painted a grand blueprint for the development of the Party and the country in the following five years and even longer. Subsequently, Zhu brought forward three requirements for the work forward: first, we should fully understand the great relevance of the 20th National Congress; second, we should set off an upsurge to learn the spirit of the 20th National Congress, taking the study, publicity and implementation of its spirit as the paramount political task by combining studying with thinking, researching and application; third, we should not only deeply analyze the problems and deficiencies facing SFS and promote its high-quality development with the guidance of the spirit of the 20th National Congress, but also arm our minds, guide our practice and promote our work with the spirit of the 20th National Congress and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.  

Lin Chao, secretary of the Department of Russian Language and Literature Party branch, which is honored as an advanced primary-level Party organization in Shandong education system, said “General Secretary Xi’s report was inspiring and motivating.   As a Chinese and an ordinary member of the Communist Party, I feel immensely proud deep in my heart. As foreign language teachers, we shoulder the mission to spread the excellent traditional Chinese culture and advanced contemporary Chinese culture. We must reflect on how to cultivate excellent foreign language students needed by the country and the people, how to do cross-cultural learning between Chinese and Western cultures, how to cultivate the students’ ability to think global and act local, and how to enhance young students’ sense of mission while we are teaching. By doing so, we can nurture talents for the Party and the country under the guidance of the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s speech, contributing to the national strategy of strengthening the country through talent.”

Mei Lin, a member of the Party Committee of SFS and a college counselor, said, “The past decade witnesses the journey of hard work and growth. As a party member and front-line college counselor, I will always stand firm to my ideal and belief, and cultivate patriotism; I will always remain true to the original aspiration of the Party that has lasted for a century, and bravely shoulder the mission of educating students; I will always adhere to morality education in order to cultivate a new generation of this new era by trying to be a person whom young people are willing to sharing thoughts with, young workers can ask for help, and young non-party members can get instruction from.”

Zhang Kunyu, a member of the presidium of the Student Union of SFS, said, “As young student cadres, we should play an exemplary role for the youth in actively responding to the call of the Party and the country by striving to be exemplary youths in the new era who stand firm to their dreams, bravely bear their responsibilities, and are ready to work hard in hardship.

Zhang Yali, a member of the presidium of the Graduate Student Union of SFS, said, “We should be dedicated to the Party and adhere to its leadership. And we should establish the ideal and faith that is consistent with the theme of the times and bravely shoulder the historical responsibility of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, by dedicating ourselves to the people and serving the country.”