Prof. Xu Jinfen lecture on “Topic Selection and Research Methods for Foreign Language Researches”

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On the afternoon of the 23rd, June, the first lecture in the series of lectures on foreign language researches was held in the Wenli Building.

As the first lecturer in the series, Professor Xu Jinfen from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, gave her lecture on “Topic Selection and Research Methods for Foreign Language Researches” at the Tencent Cloud Lecture Conference Room. The lecture was attended by Jin Yujie, director of the Science and Technology Office, Zhang Yongning, Secretary of the School, Sun Daman, Deputy Dean, Guo Yueqin, Han Shuqin, and representatives from various departments at Room 358. And over 300 online participants joined in the lecture to learn methods of topic selection and research in foreign language subjects.

Prof. Xu analyzed common problems in applications, such as inappropriate topics, weak relation between the specific content and topic, ambiguousness of the main line of the literature review and so on. And then, based on her own experience, she explained the basic standards for the evaluation of the subjects to summarize the precautions when applying for the subjects. Taking her own experience in applying for the national social science project for example, she analyzed the main points in the national social science fund application and put forward practical suggestions.

Throughout the lecture, Prof. Xu combined theory with cases, which benefited lecturers in the improvement of teaching and scientific research capabilities and writing high-quality project applications.

Xu Jinfen is a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, doctoral tutor, vice chairman of the Chinese Second Language Acquisition Research Professional Committee, and the executive director of the National English Writing Teaching and Research Professional Committee. Her major research fields include foreign language teaching, second language acquisition, autonomic learning, and teacher development. She has published more than 130 papers in SSCI and CSSCI journals, and won many teaching and scientific research awards.

Translators:Shao Nan, Yue Xiaoqing

Proofreader: Qiu Jiaxiu

Tutor: Sun Luping