Delegation from College of Arts Visited School of Foreign languages, Shandong University for Exchange and Research

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On 7th March, Zhang Yongning, Secretary of Party Committees of College of Arts, Sun Daman, Deputy Dean and Leng Ling, Chairman of Labor Union visited School of Foreign languages, Shandong University for exchange and research. Wang Junju, Secretary of Party Committees of School of Foreign languages, Shandong University, Xue Peijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Li Jiangang, received the guests and participated in the discussion.

At the seminar, Wang Junju first welcomed the delegation from College of Arts. Then focusing on the theme of this research, Zhang Yongning made a brief introduction to College of Arts and the problems and challenges encountered. Wang introduced the practice and experience of School of Foreign languages from the perspective of talent introduction, teacher training, classified management assessment and incentive methods, and postgraduate cultivation. In addition, the two parties exchanged views on common problems, such as the high proportion of female teachers facing the pressure of family and work; how to motivate teachers to overcome job burnout, and how to fully play the functions of the Teachers' Representative Conference, etc.

Afterwards, the two parties introduced their own practices and experiences on the construction of teacher ethics, ideological and political theories teaching and brand activities, etc. Both believed that they will keep close contact and strengthen mutual cooperation.

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